About The Band

With a lifetime of professional music experience behind them, guitarist Byron Crews and bassist John Hughes have played together for over 10 years. Completing the band on drums is multi-instrumentalist Jeffrey Friend, another longtime veteran of the music scene. From Muddy Waters to ZZ Top, Eldorado Brown will have you nodding your head with their own special brand of groove-infused blues.

Byron Crews

Guitar & Vocals…

byron crewsByron Crews just “gets” the blues. The son of renowned wildman and southern raconteur, Harry Crews, he followed his father through shotgun shack neighborhoods where he was quickly educated in the blues. As soon as he could get his hands on a old beat-up Telecaster and Fender amp, there was no stopping him. He still remembers setting his amp in a window when he was younger, aiming it down at the street, and just wailing on it. Byron is still wailing today, bringing amazing chops and his unmistakable voice to Eldorado Brown.

John Hughes

Bass & Vocals…

john hughesIt’s been said that John is the secret sauce of Eldorado Brown. It’s true. John has been “pushing the low end” professionally for over 30 years in a variety of musical ventures, and his talent is clearly visible in every show. He taught Recording Engineering at The Recording Workshop in Chillicothe for many years of his career, and ran his own recording studio for nearly 20 years, engineering, mixing, and mastering many local/regional projects. Eldorado Brown sounds amazing, thanks to John’s solid bass lines and uncanny ability to make the mix just perfect.

Jeffrey Friend

Drums & Vocals…

jeffrey friendJeff’s been grooving on the drums since he was 8 years old. Once he saw Ringo with The Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show, he was hooked. How many drummers were not influenced by that guy? He’s spent much of his life as a professional musician (he also plays keyboards and guitar) and spent several years writing jingles in local studios. Jeff is also a songwriter, released a smooth jazz CD in 2003, and just released his second solo effort “TWO”. Jeff brings a swampy groove and a soulful voice to everything Eldorado Brown does.